Prayer to St. Barnabas

O holy Apostle Barnabas, we praise God and thank Him for giving you to be the Patron and Protector of the island of Cyprus. Pray for us to God that everyone in this island will ever dwell in prosperity and fraternal concord; that the message of the Gospel which you preached in this island bear fruits of harmony and peaceful coexistence.


As we are waiting with joy and gratitude for the visit of Pope Francis to Cyprus, we bless God for calling us to be Christians, disciples of Jesus Christ. Glorious Saint Barnabas, you were a shining example of encouragement, zeal and enthusiasm in the early Christian community. May the visit of Pope Francis strengthen us to joyfully go forth to love and serve the Lord and to proclaim Christ’s name to all those we encounter, “comforting each other in faith”.


O holy Apostle Barnabas, join us in praising God our Father, through Jesus Christ who died and rose to give us new life in the Holy Spirit. Pray with us that God will preserve our parishes, strengthen and bless our families, and defend us from all adversities.


Saint Barnabas, pray for us!

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