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Pope Francis' Visit to Cyprus
Services of volunteers

The Holy Father Pope Francis, having the pastoral solicitude towards all the communities, especially those in the peripheries, has long considered Cyprus, the land of the Apostle Barnabas, as the place of his next visit.

The Holy Father Pope Francis, will be visiting Cyprus from the 2nd to the 4th of December.

Volunteers will be asked to offer their services during the Mass of the Holy Father, at GSP Stadium, Nicosia, on Friday 3rd of December 2021 at 10:00am.

Main responsibilities of the Volunteers will be:

1) providing information about the procedure of how to enter the Stadium,

2) helping the faithful to find their seats in the stands in the stadium,

and 3) assisting the Priests and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist during the distribution of Holy Communion.

Those who register as Volunteers will be informed by their Parish Priests about any specific details that they will need to have in mind during their service at GSP Stadium, and will be provided with any uniforms or materials they will need prior to the Mass.

For any further inquiries please use this contact E-mail: